How to Obtain a Visa for Dubai?

Dubai is one of the more popular cities in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Located on the southeast coast of the Persian Gulf, Dubai has grown exponentially in the past few decades. An affluent lifestyle, swanky malls, adventure sports, desert safaris, gold souks, and a confluence of middle eastern and global cuisines make Dubai an ideal vacation destination.

With a large ex-pat population, Dubai is perfectly poised for both leisure and business travellers. As per Forbes magazine, Dubai is one of the ten most visited countries globally. The country offers the best in terms of infrastructure, taxation, quality of life, and access to the rest of the UAE. No wonder more and more Indians prefer travelling to Dubai. However, when you are travelling to Dubai, it is also important to consider buying international travel insurance. In this article, we will talk about visa Dubai for Indian travellers.

Types of Dubai Visas

Since Dubai is both a business as well as a tourist hub, Indians can choose from a range of visa types. Here are the options in Dubai Visa for Indians based on the type of visit:

  • 48-hour
  • 96-hour
  • 14 days Single entry short-term
  • 30 days Single entry short-term
  • 90 days visit
  • Multiple-entry long-term
  • Multiple-entry short-term

Eligibility Criteria for Dubai Visa

To be eligible for a Dubai visa, you need to fulfil any one of the following criteria:

  • Travel record:You should have travelled at least once in the last five years to any of these countries – the USA, UK, Schengen countries, European Union, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Canada, Switzerland, and Japan, to name a few. Alternatively, you must possess a valid visa for these countries or have evidence of travel records to the UAE in the last five years.
  • Financial records:You must provide either Form 16 or Income Tax Returns for the past two years, with the minimum gross income from business or profession not exceeding ₹2 lakhs annually. This could be supplemented with proof of fixed deposits amounting to a minimum of ₹5 lakhs.
  • An invitation letter from immediate family members residing on family status in the UAE:Spouses, children below the age of 21 years, and parents above 60 years can be invited.
  • Newly married couple:In case your spouse’s name cannot be endorsed on the passport, you need to furnish the following – marriage certificate, a notarised affidavit on ₹100/- stamp paper, a No Objection Certificate from parents with a photo ID, your wedding card, and marriage photograph.

Applying for Dubai Visa

To secure a Dubai visa, you must visit a visa application centre. You can also apply visa for Dubai online from India. Please adhere to the documentation process by filling out all the forms and submitting the relevant papers, along with the visa application form. Depending on the visa type, you will be required to pay the visa application fees.

Documents Required for Dubai Visa

The documents required for a Dubai visa depend on the type of visa you have applied for. Some of the common documents applicable across all visa types include:

  • Passport–You must have a valid passport showing your nationality. The passport must be valid for a minimum of six months. You will also need coloured photocopies of the first and last two pages, the observation page, and valid travel records (optional).
  • Application form– To obtain a Dubai visa, you must complete and sign the application form. Please note that the information provided must be accurate as any discrepancies may result in delay or even rejection.
  • Photograph–You must attach a coloured photograph (less than six months old) with the application form. The application form will contain the specifications for the photograph, so please adhere to that.
  • Tour Plan–Once you have flight tickets and hotel bookings, you must include a copy of the same along with the application form. This is required to prove that you intend to travel to Dubai for a fixed period and have made arrangements accordingly.
  • Guardian details – Women applicants and students over the age of 18 years and those travelling unaccompanied have to provide a NOC from their parents or husband, along with their photo ID. They are also required to provide a coloured copy of the host passport or residence visa.

The authorities can also ask you to furnish any other document depending on your application. It is advisable to keep relevant documents like financial information, address proof, proof of work, etc., handy. The documentation required for a Dubai visa for an Indian online application is similar. Make sure that you understand the requirements and submit documents accordingly.

Safeguard Yourself With International Travel Insurance

A vacation is a time to leave your worries behind and enjoy the sights and sounds of a new place. While you may have planned your trip down to the last detail, you can never be prepared for any calamity that may befall you. To safeguard yourself during an emergency, it is advisable to select a Dubai Travel Insurance policy. Choose a policy that offers travel medical insurance and covers non-medical situations too.

Summing Up

Dubai is a city that dazzles by the day and glitters by night. You may be a luxury traveller, an adventure junkie, or a shopaholic, but Dubai has all the elements to provide you with a complete holiday experience. Make sure to follow the documentation process to get Indians the Dubai Visa, and protect yourself with good international travel insurance, and you will soon be saying, Marhaban Dubay.

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