Kevin Modany’s Key Traits of an Excellent Executive Consultant

Executive consultants are the Secret Sauce corporations use to bring better results to their shareholders. Executive consultants come from various backgrounds with different and often unique skill sets. Kevin Modany is the Managing Director at Bluerock Partners and a Certified Public Accountant.

Utilizing decades of industry experience, Kevin Modany has become one of the more prominent leaders in executive consultancy. Using his skills to bring effective outcomes to businesses nationwide, Modany took time out of his day to underscore some of the best practices he has discovered along the way.

Let’s dive into the world of executive consulting to understand better the job, its future, and how Kevin Modany is helping to prepare newcomers for both.

What Does an Executive Consultant Do?

An Executive Consultant is a business professional uniquely suited to work with a team of diversified talents. Executive consultants often have a financial background. After that, they have developed their social skills, machinating the efforts necessary to become leaders in the office.

Executive consultants adhere to a system of ongoing learning to constantly improve their skill sets, better providing answers to problems that modern businesses must overcome.

Kevin Modany touted seven key executive consultation functions that every professional should be prepared to tackle.

  • SWOT Analysis
  • Data Analysis
  • Familiarize Concepts to Workers
  • Structural Guidance For Organizational Programs
  • Deliver Strategic Planning Assistance
  • Generate Reports
  • Framework For Corporate Mergers

Kevin Modany suggests that the role of an executive consultant will only grow in the coming years.

Trends For Executive Consultants to Pay Attention To

While Kevin Modany has enjoyed prosperous growth as an executive consultant, he understands that not everyone will take the same path. As executive consultants become increasingly important, Modany has highlighted some trends that may impact them the most.

  • Platform Expansion – Whether from COVID-19 or the natural progression of digital technology, more and more shoppers are turning to the internet to find solutions. Digital platform expansion is part and parcel of the executive consultant experience at the time of this writing.
  • Innovation in Business Models – Competition has never been more fierce for any major industry, so business leaders are doing their part to create new opportunities. Innovation in the adaptation of business models can yield positive results.
  • Career Growth – It’s always possible to transition into a career as an executive consultant. Kevin Modany notes that the career path has never seemed more open and that opportunities abound for those looking for them. Kevin Modany utilized his skills as a CPA in an adjacent industry to help prepare and expand his offerings in the field.

The role of an executive consultant is still in its infancy. Kevin Modany believes that the job will only become more important in the coming years as businesses try to edge out the competition.

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