Looking for help to get back control over your finances

Visit the park in the summer and you will definitely see a few stones under the tree. If you lift a rock, you might be surprised to find various types of bugs hiding underneath. The same is the situation with our finances. We look very glamorous from the outside because we have a white collar job; We drive an extraordinary car; Wear new clothes and regularly go to restaurants to eat. But, the stone covering our financial life does not provide sufficient views. We get a monthly salary, which might disappear overnight because we have a long list of expenses for food ingredients, utility bills, rent, credit cards, mortgages etc.

You cannot cancel past decisions, but if you make sense with yourself and make a game plan, you can get back control over your finances. Face reality; You know you can’t get rich overnight. You also can’t tighten your belt and make your life terrible. You must make sense and cut your costs wisely. You can go out with your friends, but make it less rare. You have to buy new clothes, but wait for sales. Below are some tips that can guide you to get back control over your finances

Writing down all your expenses on paper will exactly know where your money is running. At the end of the month, you will clearly know non-needs, and you can reduce expenses for them.

Again, take paper and pen and count your income and expenses such as rent, utilities, mortgages, child support payments etc. Use this information to make your monthly budget and set the amount stored to pay your debt. You must make this commitment with yourself that you will pay yourself first. Suggestion is to write the amount in your checkbook every time you do expenses; This will tell you how much you can spend every month and when you will reach your limit.

Banks and credit card companies increase interest rates on late payments, so it is always wise to pay your bill before the due date. It has been seen that even if you send a check before the due date, the company may not process it for several days. The company then nailed you and forced a good interest rate. It is always recommended to personally drop a check in the drop box, at least a week before the due date to save themselves from the hassle.

It is also wise to move your balance from several cards to a credit card, with the lowest interest rate. If you can be relied upon, you might get relaxation from the company for passing payments. You can take professional debt advice to manage your debt.

Most of us don’t need a little time to read our statement. It is recommended to contact the company in one or two months to request a statement, and show additional or fake costs. Make complaints and follow the company unless you get your money back.

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