What are the details that your car accident attorney may want from you?

Whenever you are injured in a car accident due to the fault of another party,  consulting a car accident lawyer should be on your priority list. After you call your spouse and family members to report the accident,  informed the police,  and get yourself medically treated,  the next step to take is to get in touch with a car accident attorney in Stockton

If you have suffered from injuries and you are operating in a hospital,  ask your family members or your spouse to get in touch with a car accident lawyer. Setting up a meeting with a lawyer should be done soon after the accident. But do you know the details that you are a car accident lawyer may ask from you?  if you don’t, check them out. 

The time and date of the accident

A car accident lawyer will first need to know the basic facts about the collision. Make sure you are aware of the date,  time of the day,  and the total number of cars that were involved in the accident.

A detailed description of the accident

As the car accident lawyer Will represent your case on your behalf,  he needs to get a detailed description of the the accident. There are some serious cases where the legal proceedings go so far as recreating the accident within the setting of the court. You should be aware of the location of the accident,  what exactly you were doing during the time of the effect,  and what you saw and experienced. 

Whether or not you’re accepted fault

This is one more important thing that your car accident lawyer should know about the case. Did you speak to the other driver for his insurance company and admit fault in any way or form? It is always advised that you shouldn’t admit fault in front of insurance companies as they will use your statements against you.

Injuries suffered in the accident

Your car accident lawyer will be required to know the full extent of your injuries. This is why it is advised that you should speak with your lawyer within a few days of the accident and give a clear report of the injuries you have sustained. The lawyer also needs to know whether you were admitted to a hospital and check your medical documents. 

So,  if you have been involved in a car accident,  be quick to hire a lawyer and discuss matters with him. The sooner you seek professional help,  the better it is for you.

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