What hidden emotions expressed with your finances

Do you know what hidden emotions are expressed with your finances or hidden on the site of the plane from you and your partner?

Someone to redeem you

There are many emotions expressed in your finances and some of them are shown when you get pay and you do our best to spend all the money you have and the next day you start bankrupt and look for someone to guarantee you. When someone comes to your rescue, you know that you are not alone and you put yourself in a situation to receive assistance.

Your identity

The emotions you express might be difficulty in offset your money and you do our best to get rid of it because you are not used to having more than enough. Don’t have money as a way of life, maybe you identify and create the ability to have more money by getting a better job won’t change this in yourself because you will still do your best to get rid of your money immediately after entering.

Have new things

When you don’t feel good about yourself, you can get out and spend money in hopes of having new things in your life will make you feel good about your life and the situation you live. You might notice that having new things survive for a short time because the sensation is lost and now you have it and you are ready for a new adventure in getting more things.

The feeling you expect to create maybe joy, happiness or the desire to want something and prove that you can get it only for short-lived.

Fear alone

Fear alone can ask you hostage in buying items for others who hope they are loyal and depend on you.

Fear alone can help you to hug your children by doing everything you can for them only for them can’t work with age and you can complain that they don’t take their responsibilities as adults.

You may have a feeling of alone or can be through separation and this can appear in the way you spend money keeping yourself owing even if it is institutional at least you are connected to something and not alone.

Children don’t feel pulling

Buy all the gifts that you can at Christmas time so your children don’t feel not robbing and you feel comfortable with you just to serve your feelings that you are a good old man. As parents you might be afraid that your children will tell you later that you don’t give them enough or you’re not for them and you are overrated in giving them guilt things.

You can pay attention to other people who hope someday you will be identified at your scores and you might get thank you from someone else and still feel you lost something inside.

Destroy cycles

Your hidden emotions with finance can reveal to you what your motivator is for you to do the things you do for yourself and others and to help you understand how to use your money in another way, and to break the cycle you don’t feel whether it helps You and your family become better individuals.

Conclusion: Learning to understand what is revealed by hidden emotions in your finances can help you get your feelings in other ways without suing yourself and your family

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