Giving Yourself The Best Chance Of Success When You Quit Smoking

When you are planning on giving up smoking, you will need as much help as possible, but there are plenty of tools you can use that can help increase your chances of success. Your first port of call should be to your doctor so you can discuss the various available nicotine replacement therapies and go through the pros and cons of each. Below are some of the different nicotine replacement therapies you can consider that can help you get started and ensure you give up smoking cigarettes for good.

Choosing Your Preferred NRT (Nicotine Replacement Therapy)

There are plenty of options of NRTs you can use to help you control your cravings for nicotine. Using these can help you stop smoking and control your nicotine addiction, so you do not return to the cigarettes again. Some of the most popular NRTs include:

Nicotine Patches: Simple and discreet, these patches can be placed on any part of your skin and last for about 24 hours. They keep a constant nicotine level in your system, so you do not suffer from nicotine cravings.

Vaping: Vaping is another popular form of NRT, and there are many different types of vaping devices you can use. There is also a wide selection when looking for the best e-juice for your needs, and a vast array of flavours are available.

Nicotine Gum: You can also get nicotine gum you chew whenever you feel an urge to smoke gets stronger. You can also use this when using other NRTs and struggling to manage your cravings.

Nicotine Sprays: You can use two types of nicotine sprays: one that is oral that you apply in the mouth, and one that is nasal and sprayed up your nose. They are available in different nicotine strengths, and you can use the spray whenever you feel an urge to smoke a cigarette coming on.

Nicotine Lozenges: Nicotine lozenges look like hard-boiled sweets, and you can take one of these and suck on it every couple of hours to keep your cravings under control. However, taking too many of these can cause constipation, so you must be careful with how many nicotine lozenges you take daily.

Dissolvable Nicotine Strips: There are also dissolvable nicotine strips you can use to help you control your nicotine cravings. These can also cause constipation, so you do not want to take too many of these daily. Put one on your tongue and wait for it to dissolve, and the urge to smoke a cigarette will soon disappear.

Once you have chosen your preferred NRT, you can get everything you need, take your last drag on a cigarette, and prepare yourself to give up for good. You will want to remove yourself from temptation until you are comfortable controlling your cravings with your chosen NRT, which may mean no parties or the pub for a while. You can get lots of excellent advice on giving yourself the best chance of success when you quit smoking by clicking here and starting yourself on your journey to living a smoke-free life.

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